CELTA stands for “Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults”. It is the original certificate course in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) or teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), and it has been running for four decades. It is highly respected and recognized globally, with 7 out of 10 employers worldwide asking applicants to have it.

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IH SuperTeacher Challenge

Do you want to activate your Teaching Super Powers and really make a difference in your students’ lives?


If you’re up for it, International House Bucharest (IHB), the most innovative Teacher Training Centre in Romania, is here to give you a FREE CELTA course in August 2021!


Yes, that’s right! A completely tuition-free teaching qualification course accredited by Cambridge University.

CELTA is the most popular internationally recognised qualification for teachers of English to adults. Holding that Cambridge-sealed certificate is having the key to the exciting world of well-paid teaching jobs wherever in the world.

What do I have to do to WIN?


It’s simple!


Sign up for the “IH SuperTeacher Challenge”!


It’s one of the very few contests in the world having a free CELTA course as 1st prize. So grab the chance!


To compete, submit by 21 May 2021


In the video you must

✓ speak ENGLISH

✓ introduce yourself

✓ briefly present your teaching experience OR the reasons why you want to teach

✓ describe clearly two online groupwork activites designed to practice a language point (grammar/vocabulary)


NOTA BENE: the activities should be ORIGINAL and aimed at adult students.


And then?

1. May 21 – June 4: a jury of educational experts assess and mark the submissions
2. June 4: three finalists are announced
3. June 4 - 11: finalists submit their standard CELTA application
4. June 18: winner is announced


Am I eligibile?

Please read the Official Rules of the contest carefully to find out.

Application form


Please complete the application form below by 21 May 2021.


NOTA BENE: Remember to also submit the 3-minute video without which your enrollment in the contest is not complete. Send your video via https://wetransfer.com/ to [email protected]

IH SuperTeacher Challenge